Anime Con Date Auction

Sell Yourself!

Welcome to Anime-SPARK!'s 2011 date auction page! This page has all the rules and information you should ever need to participate in Anime-SPARK!'s cosplay date auction.

  • We are auctioning you off as your character. When you register, please be sure to pick your character wisely and that your outfit will be ready at the conveniton. Please be in-character at least to some small degree.

  • We haven't yet decided if there will be a dinner after the date auction. If there is, you must attend with your date.

  • We recommend you spend at least 15 minutes with your date at the Formal Ball on Friday Evening. This should be equivalent to approximately 3 dances.

  • You are absolutely not required to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, contact convention staff immediately.

Buying Dates!

  • Dates are absolutely not required to do anything that would make them uncomfortable. If you make your date feel uncomfortable in any way or for any reason, your date will be revoked and your money will not be refunded.

  • We can not refund your money if your date doesn't show up to the events after the date auction. It's important to remember that sometimes people get shy, nervous, or even catch con-plague! Don't bother them about it either.

  • Anybody caught doing something stupid relating to the date auction risks being ejected from the convention by Hercule.

  • The date auction will start roughly when scheduled. We will start with an opening announcement with the rules, and telling everyone they will have 5 minutes to go use the ATM.

  • Cash only, and you must pay immediately after winning. Bidding starts at $5 per date.
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